Wild & Fierce!

Go wild!! Animal print scarfs are here to stay, but not those heavy duty woolen scarfs. Spring 2011 is all about accessorizing light weights scarfs to your outfit. It will step up your outfit, & keep you looking fashionable through summer. This spring it’s a jungle out there! We’re seeing all animal prints getting attention! It’s the perfect piece that transforms my look from low key, to fierce! Don’t miss out on all the fashion fun,  take a ride on the wild side!

Strut your stuff  in animal printed scarfs, which we currently carry at Last Chance Boutique! 

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Not only do scarfs add on to your outfit, going from blah to fab! Scarfs can be worn different ways, giving different looks! Which is a total plus in my books!

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Jumpsuit shorts AKA the romper

Hey Fashionistas!

Make your spring brighter with one of the hottest must-haves: jumpsuit shorts! This trend may get mixed reactions, but it’s here to stay! It’s all about finding the right one for you! Not only does this look come in shorts, but also in practically all lengths, styles, designs, & colors, the options are endless! It’s that much easier to change it up from day to night.

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-Day to night: go from sandals to heels, change up accessories, and voila you’ve kept your outfit, but changed it into an evening look.

-Need to be a little more fancy???? Stick with silk, or sequence fabrics.

-I have curves? Try for halter jumpsuit, and belted at the waist & show off those curves!

Come into Last Chance Boutique! We currently have jumpsuit shorts!

What’s your take on this trend??? Gotta have it!!! or I’ll pass!!!

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Cargo jackets must-have!

ONE, TWO, HUT! What’s on the agenda this spring??? Cargo jackets & vests! You’ll want to step out in style with this springs must-have! This piece is the perfect jacket to mix & match. Celebrities are hitting the streets with ladylike inspired jackets & throwing on a cargo jacket! So pick-up a one of these bad boys, and show off your edgy side!

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Come into Last Chance today, we currently have cargo jackets!

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Get loose

Loosen up!  This spring it’s all about flared out mini dresses that are chic & wearable! Designers have said good-bye to micro tight mini dresses, and hello to breezy, fun, flared mini dresses. Beauty is pain Beauty is comfort! No more pulling down your dress every 10 seconds, and worry if your dress is riding up. This spring it’s all about feeling at ease, and comfortable while showing off your legs! If you ask me this trend is heaven sent, it’s still flirty & sexy, just with that dose of comfort!

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Try this look:

-With chunky bangles accessories

-If it’s a chilly out, add tights.

Come into Last Chance today! We have mini dresses from designer PRIMROSE!!!



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The boyfriend trend, never looked so sexy!

Oh boy, Oh boy! It doesn’t matter the trend, as long as it’s comfy & stylish, I’m in! What trend gives you comfort, and style??? The boyfriend trend!  This look can still be feminine, with that laid back appeal.  On a budget? Borrow one of your boyfriend’s (brother, friends, even your dads!) shirts or even his jeans, and rock this look!

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-Roll them up! Cuff your fitted boyfriend jeans-you’ll catch most celebrities rocking this trend right now. (Shown above by Kim Kardashian)

-Borrow one of your boyfriend’s( bother, dads, friend’s) button down collar shirt (long enough to be pulled off as a dress), add a thin belt. & you have your “boyfriend” inspired outfit!

-You want to keep the look fitted, and not too baggy.

How I will be wearing this trend this weekend:

Fitted cuffed jeans, fitted blazer, tucked in button down collar shirt (or tucked in tank, depending on the weather) & my favorite heels.

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Spring/Summer 2011 accessories edition

I catch myself dreaming about spring, not just blooming flowers, sun shining, but shorts, dresses, bright tops, pattern tops, and fun fashion accessories.  Accessories can transform an outfit from dull, to fab in seconds!  This spring is no exception; spring is full of alluring accessories! We’re giving you the 411 on some of the must-haves: & since the cats out of the bag  it’s all about cat eye glasses/sunglasses trend.  Purses are a girls best friend??? I think yes! This spring you’ll find purses in all shapes & sizes, from belt purses to ladylike purses. Ladylike purses are chic, yet versatile,  & can be worn different ways, giving different looks. It might be time to retire your oversized purses…& now how can I talk about accessories without mentioning jewelry?!? Move over Cleopatra, collar necklaces & pendants are another fashion statement hitting the runways, and soon the streets. You’ll definitely make a statement with this accessory! With so many accessory trends coming out this spring, it’s hard to keep up.

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Don’t miss out on all the fun! Come into Last Chance today, we have your ladylike purses!

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